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            Custom Machine Bases

            T-Slotted aluminum extrusion machine bases have been in use for years and C & C Manufacturing can supply you with a custom machine base to your specifications. Whether it is a light duty manual assembly base or a heavy duty base for an automatic machine.

            Types of Machine Bases

            • Fixture Bases
            • Mobile Bases
            • Assembly Machine Bases
            • Offline Assembly Tables
            • Turnkey Fixture Stations
            • Adjustable Height Bases
            • Test Workstations
            • Validation Tables
            • Vision Test Base

            Table Top Options

            • 1-3/4″ Maple Block Top
            • Aluminum
            • UHMW
            • 1/4″ Black ABS
            • Combination Steel/UHMW
            • Steel
            • Brushed Stainless Steel

            Some Machine Base Options

            • Shelves
            • Custom Machined Tops
            • Enclosed Bottoms
            • Turnkey Installation/Assembly
            • Ribbed Rubber Mat to protect Top

            Your Source for Aluminum Extrusion Fabrications

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