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            Custom Products

            Machine & Perimeter Guarding

            Our variety of high strength extrusions coupled with our engineering teams expertise lets C&C offer our customers the best guarding available. ?Pre-assembled modular panels are available. ?

            Custom Carts

            Here at C&C there is no such thing as “standard” all of?our?carts are custom built to your specifications.? We can provide custom tops, drawers, foam tool inserts, electrical components,?etc. ?


            From standard work benches, to custom designed assembly stations, C&C can add many productivity enhancements such as adjustable table height, tool balancers, parts bins and more.?

            Machine Bases

            Our construction system offers structural integrity combined with flexibility.? The large selection of extrusions and hardware allows the designer to decide on size, shape, and orientation needed for each particular application. ?


            C&C is known for the quality workmanship and expertise that goes into every cmm enclosure built whether equipped with a filtered blower system or a state of the art complete climate control system. ?Turn key systems are available.?

            Material Flow

            Aluminum extrusion flow stations have been in use for years and C & C Manufacturing can supply you with a custom?station to your specifications.? Whether it is?light duty manual or?heavy duty base for an automatic machine we can build it for you.

            Custom Projects

            Aluminum extrusions are so versatile that they can be used just about anywhere.?

            Custom Over Conveyor Stairs Steps

            Crossover Stairs

            Contact us directly for more information.?

            Your Source for Aluminum Extrusion Fabrications

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