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            to handle your manufacturing needs

            we do it all.

            to onsite assembly
            From blueprints

            Custom COVID-19 Barriers

            Contact Us

            Standard Products

            C & C Manufacturing has access to a complete line of modular T-slotted aluminum profiles and components, that are used in every product we make. The modular panel design provides a unique and affordable solutions for ease of assembly and installation, which are crated for cost effective shipping.

            Custom Products

            C & C Manufacturing can fabricate your application from a drawing or floor plan you provide. We can also come to your facility and take on-site measurements. ?With many different requirements and obstacles, sometimes a more tailored approach is necessary. We are equipped to measure, cut, fabricate and install on your floor.?


            C & C Manufacturing is a “Full Service” supplier. With geographic considerations, we can deliver and install your projects. This can save you time and resources that may be valuable elsewhere. We have five catalogs with over 100 pages of products and services. Page through our catalogs and contact us for a free quote.

            About C&C Manufacturing Inc.

            C&C Manufacturing is an aluminum extrusion fabrication and manufacturing company. We specialize in engineering and building products to help your unique manufacturing needs. From blueprints to onsite assembly, we can do it all.
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            Perimeter Safety Fences
            Clean Room Enclosures
            Sound Room Enclosures
            Racks & Custom Frames
            Gravity Conveyors
            Machine Guards & Bases
            Custom Material Handling Carts

            Our Solutions

            • T-Slotted Extrusion Air Conditioned Enclosure
            • Extrusion Workstation Assembly
            • Portable Miter Saw Cart
            • Custom Extrusion Material Handling Cart
            • T-Slotted Double Workstation w/ Maple Top
            • Custom Crossover Stairs
            • Extrusion Material Flow Cart
            • T-Slotted Extrusion Robot Guard
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